Pixel Gun 3D Hack iOS

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pixel_gun_3d_wallpaper_by_herakles1999-d8odicmPixel gun 3d is the number one mobile strategy game in the world right now. It is a highly entertaining game that requires one to kill their opponents, collect coins and buy more weapons as you go up the levels. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Killing an opponent usually requires one to have the best guns and resources which have to be bought with money. You can get the money by winning many levels and getting coins or you can pay from your account. This is to say if you don’t have money to waste then this game might not be for you.

Fortunately, this fact is not true anymore. With the new pixel gun 3d hack download, everyone can obtain all the necessary resources to defeat their enemies and climb up the levels at no cost. The hack tool helps you to generate unlimited coins and unlock premium guns only affordable to rich players. The coolest thing about this tool is that you will not get caught cheating.

How to use Pixel Gun 3d Hack

maxresdefault (3)Unlike the previous tool which had to be downloaded and introduced viruses to your computer, this tool is online based. You do not need to download it as long as you have working internet you can use it in real time. Visit the online generator, enter your name game and you are in. The next step is to enter the details of every resource you need such as premium guns, xp and money and be specific on how many you need. Unfortunately, there is a limit but you can order the resources multiple times. Press the start generator button and wait for the magic to happen.

Features of Pixel Gun 3d Hack

  1. It is free to generate gold and gems for life
  2. 100 percent online based
  3. Since it is inbuilt into the system, no downloading is needed and you only need to go online and enter your game name.
  4. It works on android and windows operating system too
  5. Pixel gun 3d hack comes with excellent 24 hours customer service and live online chats in case of any problem.
  6. It is regularly updated as the player goes up the levels
  7. It is extremely fast and legal.

Benefits of Pixel Gun 3d Hack

The hack gets you all the resources you need to win for free while others have to spend a small fortune and a lot of time to buy them.

  • It is completely undetectable and no one will ever know you are using it to win.
  • The hack is really simple and fast to use so anyone can use it
  • This hack is safe to use because it won’t introduce viruses to your computer or phone through the downloading process.
  • You don’t need any special skills, experience or expertise to beat other players. The resources you will get through using this hack will guarantee your success.

The pixel gun 3d hack gives you leverage over rich and idle players so you can still go to work and come beat them in the evening. The best news is that you can share this tool with your friends too and see who can kick ass better.

Android backup without root: Smartphone data on the PC back up

With an Android Backup can protect her your personal information. In our guide, we show you how to create an Android backup without root, secure the smartphone backup on the PC and transfer your backup to andereres Android device can.


With an Android Backup you can a backup create the data stored on your smartphone data. In our guide, we show you how to create an Android backup without root and so your contacts, photos, messages and all other important data can save on the PC.

Android Backup without root: This you should note

Many backup programs for Android phones require root access on your phone. Normally, setting up a root access is accompanied by the loss of warranty claims.

In our guide, we show you why, as you with Android Studio, a development environment for Android users, an Android Backup can create without root.

The backup with a development environment may sound complicated, but even for inexperienced users in a few steps relatively easy to do.


Preparing for backup

For the Android Backup shown here you need a normal micro-USB cable, which can connect to your PC you your smartphone.

You will also need the software “Android Studio” and “Java Development Kit”. The current version of the respective software, we offer you on the net world server for download:

Android Studio
Java Development Kit
Invites you down the two programs and the software installed on your PC. Below we show you the necessary steps for Android backup without root.


Step-by-step instructions for Android backup without root

  • Launches Android Studio. Click on “Configure” and in the next window “SDK Manager”.
  • The program shows you up the exact installation location, copy the file path and opens the Start menu to “Computer”, adds the address in the search bar and pressing the ENTER key.
  • Starts the “SDK Manager” with a double click, wait a moment and scrolls to the end of the summary page.
  • Set under the “Tools” check “Google USB Driver” and click on “Install Packages”.
  • Click in the dialog box to the individual parent green tick confirms each “Accept license” and then click on “Install” to install the necessary additional components.

Windows 10 assumes Android notifications


From the display missed calls for answer incoming messages


While was virtually no sign of the mobile Windows on the Microsoft Developers Conference Build – even the on-stage demos were made primarily with iPhones or Android devices – below the support of the company for Google’s operating system even further. In a session they showed here how Microsoft introduces cooperation between Android and its own operating system.


In the future, Windows take over 10 notifications of Android and display directly on the desktop. Microsoft demonstrated this instance with information about missed calls and SMS, but in principle this works with all notifications received under Android. Answering this notification should be possible so directly from the PC, reports The Verge .



Implemented the whole on the Cortana app for Android to be, this one falls back on existing Android interfaces. Similar functionality is already available from various third-party apps like Push Bullet, integration with Windows should now but reach a wider audience. collaboration Thus Microsoft provides a new feature for Android users, which was previously the mobile Windows reserved. For iOS, there are however no plans to do, because the restrictions by Apple does not allow this. expiration The inclusion of Android notifications to this summer are part of Windows, according to Microsoft, it is therefore to be assumed that they will follow the targeted time for this “Anniversary Update” for Windows 10th (Red, 01.04.2016)